Getting a Construction Management Degree

A construction management degree is a means to be a leading expert in the field of building engineering and design. If you are looking to pursue this career path it is essential to choose a degree program that is hands-on and lets you be involved in real-world projects. The program must also provide an adequate mix of both practical and theoretical knowledge.

A credible degree in construction management can open up a variety of doors within the industry. Additionally, it could bring a higher salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average annual salary for the construction supervisor is $108,210.

As you complete your degree you will develop the essential skills needed to manage a project from hr managers fail conception to the point of. This includes designing estimates, budgeting, and designing. You will also learn how to handle legal and construction contracts.

The course will teach fundamentals of engineering and science along with mathematics as well as technical subjects such as drafting, surveying and materials testing. It will also offer classes on construction equipment, masonry and concrete construction site logistics and computer-aided drawing.

The program prepares you to work in various sectors, such as commercial, residential industrial, heavy civil and construction. Depending on the field you’ll be employed by private or public-owned construction companies general contractors, subcontractors consultants and specialists architectural firms and real estate developers as well as city, state and federal government agencies.